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John McCulley founded McCulley Design Lab in Solana Beach in 1988 with the vision to merge the disciplines of Interiors, Architecture and Graphic Design into an integrated creative studio for progressive clients. Janet McCulley has two decades of experience in brand development, experiential retail, hospitality and commercial design projects. With a passion for immersive travel and cultural observation, Janet fuses those experiences with her academic and theoretical background in the arts to create meaningful design solutions and relevant visual narratives. Together, Janet and John lead their team of interior designers, architects, graphic designers and artists united by the same goal: bring their clients’ creative vision to life through a holistic approach to design and branding.
In this episode of The Fireside Chat™, Janet and John share their respective journeys with Ryan Bloom. They discuss how they came together and blended their specialties to present their clients with the realm of possibilities of design, architecture and experiences,, both indoors and out. They share an anecdote of how they’ve transformed their property into “Camp McCulley” during the past year, and have activated it into a beautiful outdoor room for gathering with friends and family. They explain how they gather inspiration from travel, art, nature, but also meaningful discussions with creators, innovators and thinkers. Finally, they weigh in on their business values and the unique and quirky traits that attract customers to their company.
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