Wade Weissmann | An Architect’s Blueprint for the Creation of Lively and Experimental Spaces

As the founder and principal of Wade Weissmann Architecture, Wade has spent the last twenty-five years designing classically inspired estates of many genres around the world. His firm’s work has been highly praised for its fine attention to craftsmanship and design detail, and for lending homeowners a feeling of resort living, right at home. On all projects, Wade believes wholeheartedly that a collaborative approach to design always yields the greatest results. Wade Weissmann Architecture has a central office in Wade’s hometown of Milwaukee, as well as offices on the East and West Coasts to best service projects throughout the United States and beyond.

In this episode of The Fireside Chat™ podcast, Wade shares what drives him and his firm and how the outdoors has been a guiding principle in his work throughout much of his career. He discusses the core value of environmental stewardship and what it means to create healthy spaces that are built to last. Wade doesn’t shy away from sharing the nitty gritty behind a project, and he discusses how this dynamic approach to architecture is at the heart of his work. Finally, he elaborates on crafting indoor and outdoor spaces that serve as platforms for rich experiences and treasured memories that help tell the story of the homes’ inhabitants.

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Wade Weissmann Architecture – https://wadeweissmannarchitecture.com/

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