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John Colaneri | A Pro’s Insights Into the World of Construction and Design

John Colaneri is a designer, developer, TV personality, children’s book author, health and fitness advocate, and principal of the design and build firm Lilyshea Development LLC, based in New Jersey.

John has been transforming homes into life-changing spaces for homeowners across the US, with his cousin Anthony Carrino, on their multiple hit HGTV shows, such as Kitchen Cousins, Cousins on Call, Cousins Undercover or America’s Most Desperate Kitchens. You also may have seen him on one of his appearances on The Rachael Ray Show and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. His latest endeavors are now with the Ellen DeGeneres Digital team in launching original shows. In 2019, John launched his own development company, Lilyshea Development LLC, focusing on high end residential design and custom spec homes that he is developing and designing in the New Jersey area. 

John’s journey has seen him build an extraordinary professional acumen along the way. In this episode of The Fireside Chat™ podcast, John provides insight on what he’s learned from his years working in construction and on HGTV and how he has put these learnings to use in his own firm today. He discusses the importance of authenticity and staying true to himself on television, and how this has been a guiding principle for him. He explains the importance of merging indoor and outdoor design from the very beginning of the planning phase to create cohesive spaces for his clients. He shares details about one of his most recent projects in New Jersey, featuring an Urban Bonfire kitchen, and how he integrated indoor design elements into the outdoor space. 

This episode of The Fireside Chat™ podcast is hosted by Ryan Bloom, Co-Founder and President of Urban Bonfire. If you enjoyed it and love great design as much as we do, please subscribe. Follow us on Instagram @UrbanBonfire or join the conversation on Linked In. To find out more, please visit www.urbanbonfire.com.

John Colaneri – https://www.johncolaneri.com/
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