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Chef Steve Samson | A Craftsman’s Approach to Recreating the Taste and Feel of Home Through Authentic Cuisine

Steve Samson is the chef and owner of Rossoblu and Superfine Pizza, both located in Los Angeles’ City Market South. Born to a Bolognese mother and an American father, Steve was exposed to the pleasures of Italian food from a very young age. While he grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, he spent almost each summer at his ancestral home in Bologna, immersed in traditional Bolognese cooking with his nonna. While Rossoblu is an ode to this heritage, and the cities of Los Angeles and Bologna, Superfine Pizza melds New York and Neapolitan styles with Southern California’s bountiful produce to create a true Angeleno-style pizza. Chef Steve Samson was awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand for Rossoblu in 2019, and has been recognized by the Los Angeles Times, Conde Nast Traveler, The Hollywood Reporter, Eater LA, and more.

In this episode of The Fireside Chat™, Ryan Bloom speaks with Steve about working through Covid-19 since March and how he’s adapted his style of cooking for takeout. Steve tells his story of growing up in two cultures, and how this shaped his culinary style and inspired him to think of cooking as a profession. He speaks to the craftsmanship involved in creating wholesome, delicious and authentic dishes with simple ingredients. He discusses the space chosen for his restaurant, Rossoblu, and how they saved the beauty and history of the building by integrating original elements into the decor of the space.
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Chef Steve Samson – http://www.chefstevesamson.com/
Rossoblu – https://www.rossoblula.com/
Superfine Pizza – https://www.superfinepizza.com/
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