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Mark and Lyle Perry | A 100-Year-Old Family Business: From Lumber Shop to Outdoor Living Destination

Celebrating their 100th year as a family business in Kerrisdale, British Columbia, this lumber and hardware shop has grown into a place of gathering for high-end designers, savvy homeowners and BBQ masters in the Lower Mainland and beyond. Kerrisdale Lumber Home offers extraordinary outdoor living products with the highest selection of quality grills in Vancouver. The outdoor kitchen side of the business has evolved over the years, and now has an outdoor kitchen project management team that focuses on custom outdoor kitchens for multi-family homes, single family homes and commercial spaces.

Ryan Bloom had the pleasure of welcoming Mark Perry, third generation, and Lyle Perry, fourth generation President of Kerrisdale Lumber Home in this Fireside Chat™ episode. They discussed what it means to run a generational business, and the importance of creating a strong company culture and supporting the community that supports them. They discussed how the business has shifted from lumber store to home and outdoor living and the growth of their outdoor kitchen business. They touched on their move to a new location in Spring 2020, and the impact of the pandemic on their business. Finally, they consider the evolution of Vancouver’s customer typology and what they see for the future of outdoor space activation. 

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Kerrisdale Lumber Home – https://kerrisdalelumber.ca/ 

Stephen Francis Jones | Designing Social Spaces for Unforgettable Experiences

This week’s episode begins with a memorable evening in January 2012 at the M.B. Post restaurant in Manhattan Beach, California. From the inviting and familiar atmosphere of the former post office, to the food by Michelin-starred chef David LeFevre, to the playfully rustic decor… the experience was so meaningful to our host, Ryan Bloom, that he kept his menu as a souvenir of this evening. Fast-forward 9 years, and Ryan welcomes the architect behind this unforgettable space, Stephen Francis Jones, on The Fireside Chat™ podcast.

As in-house architect for the Wolfgang Puck Food Company, Stephen Francis Jones established one of Southern California’s most iconic brands. When he founded his own firm, SFJones Architects in 1996, Puck immediately hired Jones to help develop the fine dining experience at Spago Beverly Hills. This project led Jones to designing Wolfgang Puck restaurants worldwide—and, most recently, the renovation of the Grand Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland, site of the Academy Awards’ Governors Ball. Among his best-known projects is Lucky Strike Lanes in Hollywood. Working with CEO Steven Foster, Jones created a wildly popular hipster hybrid—restaurant, bar and bowling alley—that resulted in a flurry of spin-off projects.

In his conversation with Ryan Bloom, Stephen Francis Jones shares memories of his youth spent in Bogota, Columbia, and his travels through Europe before completing his Master’s degree in Architecture at UCLA. This immersion in urban European life shaped his fresh perspective on what makes a social space a memorable experience. Ryan and Stephen exchange on what it means to create inviting settings, and how restaurants are one of the great connectors of our world. Stephen ends with his thoughts on how Covid will shake out the restaurant industry for the better, transforming dining spaces into communal and outdoor spaces for authentic and meaningful experiences.

The Fireside Chat™ podcast is hosted by Ryan Bloom, Co-Founder and President of Urban Bonfire. If you enjoyed it and love great design as much as we do, please subscribe. Follow us on Instagram @UrbanBonfire or join the conversation on Linked In. To find out more, please visit https://urbanbonfire.com.

SFJones Architects – https://sfjones.com/
M.B. Post Project: https://sfjones.com/mb-post/bsg6cb2j978qm1x3zp86xx7rd0obbu