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Domos Coliving | Building Communities for the Way People Live in the 21st Century

Daniel Alexander co-founded Domos Coliving with one goal in mind: build high quality, affordable housing into the housing supply within the country’s urban and economic cores, and thereby breathe new life into under-served communities. The development firm has a proven track record of reimagining residential housing, with Daniel Alexander’s and co-founder Derrick Barber’s combined experience of over 30 years, investments in over 10,000+ units owned and managed to-date, and management of a $550M+ portfolio. At the core of Domos’ vision is the concept of co-living, where community living areas such as kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and outdoor spaces are shared by tenants, thereby adapting community-living to today’s modern urban environments.

Richard Loring is the Director of Design and Construction at Domos, and is an award-winning developer with a longstanding history of working with many of the most forward-thinking architecture firms. Today, Loring leads the latest Los Angeles Domos project in Hancock Park. This project involves the reconfiguration of a classic 1930s building at 410 North Rossmore to bring it to current city codes and invigorate living spaces, while preserving the building’s authentic exterior. The plans include the addition of at least three new floors to the building, including co-living suites.

In this episode of The Fireside Chat™ podcast, Ryan Bloom spoke with Daniel Alexander and Richard Loring about their philosophy on new mixed use multi-family real estate projects and the need for space and experiences that go around them, especially in the context of their latest project in Hancock Park, Los Angeles. They discussed the new opportunities for creative outdoor space activation offered by co-living. Finally, they touched on how the pandemic has shown different ways of living, working and interacting professionally.
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Domos Coliving – https://domoscoliving.com/
410 North Rossmore Project – https://www.410rossmore.com/