Michael McGowan, KAA Design Group | The Dynamic and Ever-Changing Playing field of the Landscape Architect

This week on The Fireside Chat™ podcast, we’re thrilled to welcome Michael McGowan, Landscape Architect and Associate of the KAA Design Group, a Los Angeles-based design studio dedicated to advancing the California lifestyle through contemporary architecture for over 30 years.

Michael McGowan joined KAA in 2011, and has been overseeing the design and implementation of a broad range of custom residential, commercial and institutional landscapes. In addition to his design work on numerous estate residential landscapes, some of Michael’s notable projects include: The Eastern Columbia Building, TreePeople Center for Community Forestry, Santa Monica Village and One Santa Fe.

In this conversation, Michael shares how his connection with nature started in his early childhood in Maryland, and how this informed his career choice many years later. He discusses the fundamental shift he is witnessing in client requests and trends as it relates to the outdoors, and how he articulates ideas into plans, and eventually creates ever-evolving outdoor spaces for his clients.

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