Sandra Vlock | An Architect Turned Artist, Transforming Outdoor Environments into Extraordinary Experiences

As an architect of contemporary architectural design now working as an artist, Sandra Vlock’s focus is to engage people in a shared experience; capturing an authentic sense of place, context and narrative. Sandra Vlock views the integration of Fine Art and Architectural Elements as a natural evolution of that vision; one that enables her to design evocative steel sculptures that inspire memorable experiences and create unique environments for social gathering, quiet reflection, and visual delight.

Each piece by Studio Vlock is made of repurposed objects and sustainable materials and tells a story—real or imagined—that is inspired by nature and shared experience.
We spoke with Sandra about her shift from contemporary architecture to art and her artistic process of using metals, flames, texture, light and shadow to create meaningful pieces for her clients across North America. We discussed our shared love of fire and flames and their power to bring people together and our common passion for transforming outdoor environments into a canvas for extraordinary experiences and memories.
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